Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Should I buy travel insurance ? International travel tips

Are you getting ready to plan a dream trip overseas and wondering about if you should buy travel insurance for your holiday ?
After all what could possibly go wrong while you are away ?
You could find yourself with a $50,000 bill when you get very sick from  a drink like one lady did here in Australia .
If you were to die overseas in an accident it would cost a fortune for your family to bring you back.
Travel insurance will bring you peace of mind as you explore the countryside and will come in handy if you lose your wallet , end up in hospital or one of many problems that can and does occur.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Promote your tourism business here !

Do you have a tourism business you would like us to promote ?
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Enjoy Lake Argyle via a cruise

Are you feeling the need to relax & unwind away from the daily pressures of life ?
Lake Argyle the largest freshwater lake in Australia is an ideal place where you can do this in amongst beautiful scenery ,an array of birdlife 25,000 crocodiles , 90 islands including Pelican Island and BBQ Island !
Make sure you book a cruise with Lake Argyle Cruises to explore the lake and get close to crocodiles, birds nests and more.
After enjoying a sunset cruise recently with Lake Argyle Cruises I asked others what they enjoyed most of all about the cruise and here are their answers .

Lake Argyle CruisesComments from passengers
" It was all fantastic"
"The commentry ,Matt was informative with a sense of humour "
"The sunset on the lake is awesome "
"Great friendly atmosphere on the cruise , more personal."
" Seeing the Rock Wallabies and crocodiles "