Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enjoy Lake Argyle via a cruise

Are you feeling the need to relax & unwind away from the daily pressures of life ?
Lake Argyle the largest freshwater lake in Australia is an ideal place where you can do this in amongst beautiful scenery ,an array of birdlife 25,000 crocodiles , 90 islands including Pelican Island and BBQ Island !
Make sure you book a cruise with Lake Argyle Cruises to explore the lake and get close to crocodiles, birds nests and more.
After enjoying a sunset cruise recently with Lake Argyle Cruises I asked others what they enjoyed most of all about the cruise and here are their answers .

Lake Argyle CruisesComments from passengers
" It was all fantastic"
"The commentry ,Matt was informative with a sense of humour "
"The sunset on the lake is awesome "
"Great friendly atmosphere on the cruise , more personal."
" Seeing the Rock Wallabies and crocodiles "

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