Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sailing School In Croatia

Have you always been attracted to the sea, the wind in your hair and freedom out in the open in nature , and think that sailing might just be right for you? If the answer is "yes", then have a look at our website and learn about yacht charter,sailing and boats, choose your destination such as Greece or try our Sailing School in Croatia and you will be hooked for life . Here are a few things you will learn about at our Sailing School Terminology basic points of sailing (close hauling, reaching, broad reaching, down wind) port/startboard side / wind ward/lee ward side, what makes the boat move forward, positions of crew members, sails and trimming of sails, reefing of the sails, sailing in course avoiding collisions at the sea, tack, gybe, anchoring, apparent wind, compass rosse, meteorology - basics using a nautical map and celestial navigation, knots, and radiotelephony safety. In our advanced course you will learn about preparation of the boat for sailing, navigation,geographical latitude and longitude, measurement units in navigation, orientation at sea, sea charts, navigation at night enjoying the stars, sailing in course, spinaker, meteorology (wind, air pressure, cyclones and anticyclones, weather report), manoverboard, climbing the mast during sailing, approaching the shore using sails or engine, general notions on engines, maritime radiotelephony sevice (table of VHF sevices of Croatian shore radio stations, general connecting procedure, special procedure, distress signal and message, urgency signal and message, safety signal and message, usage of the international spelling alphabet, system of digital ,selective calling) general notions of the engine . Learn more about Sailing School in Croatia on the website . Click on the ad to the right.

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